Embryo transfer techniques: a simulation-based hands-on session using the asrm embryo transfer simulator
For both patient and physician, the final step of IVF – the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity for implantation – is the most crucial step and often the most stressful step. This anxiety is often attributed to the high cost and time associated with IVF/ART and the potential difficulty of the transfer due to individual patient anatomy.
The ASRM Embryo Transfer Simulator is a robust training simulator that provides physicians and healthcare workers the opportunity to practice simulated transfers and intrauterine insemination using a variety of challenging uteri.

It requires the learner to attain the skills needed to successfully navigate normal and difficult endocervices using either ultrasound-guided or un-guided imaging to simulate placing the embryo(s) in the ideal location within the uterine cavity.

Simulation-based training allows for training in a safe, risk-free environment and the ability for unlimited repetitions and deliberate practice methods.

Participants in the ASRM simulation sessions receive real-time simulation metrics (feedback) and structured debriefing with the expert faculty, two key areas of simulation that help facilitate development of motor and cognitive skills required to attain proficiency in embryo transfer. In conjunction with the ASRM Curriculum for Embryo Transfer and the ASRM Standard Embryo Transfer Protocol, the Simulator is a tool that significantly augments current training using a structured simulation-based method to learning basic embryo transfer techniques and characteristics of an ideal transfer.

Cost of participation:
Until August, 15 –175 Euro
By place- 200 Euro

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