Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Symposium RAHR/IFFS

6 - 9 September

Prior to the conference:


Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Symposium RAHR/IFFS
6 - 9 September

Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Symposium RAHR/IFFS
6 - 9 September


Vladislav Stanislavovich Korsak
President of the Russian Association for Human Reproduction, Habilitation Degree in Medicine, Professor
Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to welcome you shortly before the XXVII Annual International Conference of the Russian Association for Human Reproduction. During the years of our regular meetings we together have managed to create a special environment that unites true professionals specializing in reproductive medicine and related areas.

During a quarter of a century there have been hundreds of most complex issues of reproductive medicine discussed with representatives of the medical community from all over the world (experts from dozens of countries gather annually at the RAHR conferences). It is important that these are not just formal events attended by doctors just to put a tick in the box, but meetings of friends and like-minded people. This format of communication maximizes the consolidation of the medical community at the all-Russian and international levels.

The Russian Association for Human Reproduction unites obstetricians, gynecologists, embryologists, geneticists, biologists, urologists, andrologists, psychologists, pediatricians, and endocrinologists: the specialists who bear a great responsibility for future lives.

Reproductology is multidisciplinary by nature. Many representatives of medical science and practice focus on solving issues in this area.
After all, achievements in this industry affect the demographic situation both in our country and the entire world. This is a priority area not only for medicine, but for the whole of society. Therefore, we found it crucial to create and annually support the work of a site where people could meet, share observations and opinions, and present their latest achievements.

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FThis year the RAHR Conference is held for the 27th time. This shows the commitment of our professional community to develop and acquire knowledge concerning the nature of problems and methods in efficient ways of addressing infertility. And we are glad that we can provide doctors with all the opportunities for training, exchange of experience, and the joint solution of complex and ambiguous issues.

The recognition of Russian specialists at an international level is an important milestone for us. This is proved by the support of the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS). This professional organization was established in 1951, more than half a century ago. Every year the number of its members grows. To date, the IFFS brings together more than 50,000 professionals from all over the world. The Russian Association for Human Reproduction has been working with IFFS for more than 10 years. This year we have reached a new level of international cooperation that contributes to a broader participation of foreign experts in the program of the event who will share their unique experience with their Russian counterparts.

Dear friends, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for staying with us all these years. There are many new discoveries and joint achievements ahead. I would like to invite you to the XXVII Annual International Conference of the RAHR and the RAHR/IFFS Symposium. The event will take place on 6–9, September, 2017 in St. Petersburg, my hometown. The feedback and assessments provided by the participants of our previous conferences make me feel confident in the upcoming meeting being certainly beneficial for you, your work and, of course, our patients.

4 days
for intense scientific work: discussions on topical issues of reproduction, scientific and practical seminars, live broadcast from the operating theater, workshops, trainings, and round tables
50 companies
producing high-quality pharmaceuticals and the latest equipment participate in the Exhibition in 2017. Their number will be growing
9 scientific and practical seminars
are going to be held at the RAHR Conference in 2017. More than 2,000 specialists from different regions of Russia have been invited to the Conference and the seminars
70 leading experts
in reproductive medicine, gynecology, endocrinology, andrology, oncology, genetics, anesthesiology, psychology, surgery and laboratory diagnostics from Russia, Europe and the USA will traditionally be the conference speakers
38 countries
of Russia's far and near abroad have taken part in the RAHR conferences during 27 years: America, Belarus, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, etc.
30 information partners
and mass media covering issues in reproduction, gynecology, and andrology, will be involved in the work of the Conference
Expoforum in St. Petersburg
Address: 64/1, Peterburgskoye Highway, St. Petersburg
The Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center in St. Petersburg is a venue for business and cultural events, concerts and sporting events, international exhibitions and congresses. The covered gallery connects the pavilions and the congress center allowing visitors to move comfortably within the complex. The pavilions are connected by glazed overpasses.

The Expoforum in St. Petersburg is conveniently located in the Pulkovo Heights area, a 10-minute drive from Pulkovo Airport. It takes about 40 min to get to the historical center of the city. The proximity of the Ring Road makes it easy to reach any part of the Northern Capital of Russia.